November News

A few words from our ABA Chair, Christy Painchaud

Well Thanksgiving Day is just days away!  I know it’s cliche to say, but I honestly hope all of you reading this take the time to pause each day, not just on Thanksgiving, to remind yourself what you’re grateful for in your life!  As we hustle through our days, sometimes we forget to pause and step back to acknowledge all that we DO have.  Take a minute right now to write down five things you’re GRATEFUL for!  I’m a gambling woman, so I bet one or more of those five things are actually people and NOT things!  Please share your gratefulness list with your family and friends!  Continue to spread love, kindness and be thankful for each day!  Thanksgiving is not just a holiday, it’s a way of life, so make it so!

Don’t forget to spread some local small business love this Small Business Saturday too + for your holiday shopping needs!  THANK YOU for supporting local AND the ABA mission!



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