Every month we sit down with one of our amazing ABA members to get to know them a little better! For January, we sat down with Bill Trevor from Web Smart Advisors. We ask each member the same questions, providing an opportunity for our members to highlight the important work that they do in our communities. If you’re an ABA Member and would like to be considered for future Monthly Member Highlights, please reach out to us via email at info@altonbusinessassociation.com

Q. Tell us about your business
A. We are a Veteran owned Lakes Region NH based Digital Agency who can help you grow your business. We specialize in web design, SEO and social media marketing to engage and convert more customers.

Q. Tell us about yourself

A. I am a central NY native but arrived in NH via Boston (This area reminded me a lot of the Adirondack Mountains I grew up in back home. I have been running my own business/consulting for about 20 years and was proud to serve my Country in the United States Marines. Love the outdoors, fishing and helping small businesses!

Q. How did your business get started?

A. When I came back from serving overseas during the Iraq War I finished my Masters degree and got a job with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Public Safety office. As a new guy they were not sure what to do with me so they put on a website project. I later moved on to work for Mass.Gov (The Commonwealths site), then consulted as the Project Manager for the website platform replacement. During that time I started to branch out into helping other organizations with their website and my first business was born (Southie Solutions) which is the long way to where I am today.

Q. What has your relationship with the Alton Business Association done for you or your business?

A. My primary focus in relocating my business from Boston to NH was to work more closely with local businesses. being an ABA member allows me to keep a finger on the pulse of the business community. I love seeing new members join, especially when they are just getting started themselves.

Q. What do you value most about this community?
A. Businesses across the Lakes Region are so supportive of each other. Instead of looking at other businesses as competition, most realize they can survive and thrive in a robust business community. I love hearing stories of partnerships that help promote a few businesses which in-turn helps each grow.

Q. Why did you want to open your business in this community?

A. While there may be an influx of tourists that keep many area businesses alive, the sense of community is still important. I want my business to be a strong part of that community and to help other ABA members thrive (online!).

Q. What business accomplishment are you most proud of?

A. We were nominated and won the Laconia Daily Sun Best of the Lakes Region campaign last year for Marketing and Advertising. It has taken us a few years to make inroads into the business community and we are proud of this accomplishment.

Q. What does the future hold for you and your business?

A. We are looking to grow in 2021 and help more area businesses thrive online. Now, more than ever, having a functioning, mobile optimized and SEO friendly website is crucial to being successful. Even if you use radio, tv, billboards or print ads, your web presence is often times your potential customers first impression. We hope to help many more area businesses ensure that first impression is a great one!

Q. What is one piece of advice you wish you had as a new business owner?

A. The best time to begin marketing your new business is several months before you open. The next best time is now. We hear from a lot of small businesses that they are doing well and do not need to market. Will that always be the case? Investing in marketing will be critical to your success.
Q. How can people who want to learn more about you or your business get in touch with you?
A.  You can reach me via:
email bill@websmartadvisors.com
phone: 603.263.8623
or website: www.websmartadvisor.com

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