This month our member, Catchpenny Creative, offered some great advice on the importance of digital marketing for small businesses.
There seems to be an assumption that digital marketing does little to nothing for local businesses, but that simply ISN’T TRUE. Digital marketing is an essential tool for small and local businesses, necessary for a changing world! Here’s a few key reasons why local businesses should invest the time and resources to build out their digital marketing:
👉Increase Communication: customers like to stay in touch! You can keep the conversation going even when they leave your place of business by building out social media, website, and digital newsletters.
👉Build Community: Small, local businesses live and die by their communities. Create a digital extension of the community you’ve built to increase engagement and stay connected.
👉Expand into new markets: over 50% of the world is on social media! You’re missing out on connecting to an even bigger audience and expanding your market.
👉Tell your story: Some of the most successful digital marketing campaigns for local businesses involve giving customers and clients a behind-the-scenes look at how business is done. Customers love learning the story of their favorite local businesses.
There are so many more great reasons why utilizing digital marketing is the right move for any local business.
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Aimee Terravechia

Owner + Creative Director

Catchpenny, LLC



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