The Alton Business Association is pleased to introduce to you your 2020 Board of Directors!

Chair Person – Christy Painchaud 

Christy’s company, Christy Painchaud, LLC,  has been a member of the Alton Business Association for several years. She has volunteered with the ABA since 2019’s Winter Carnival. She became an interim Director in 2019 and worked diligently to reshape the organization through the course of the year. She won both the role of Chair Person and Membership Director for 2020.

Vice Chair – Kelly Sullivan

Kelly has been a vocal supporter of the ABA over the years, serving as a Board Member, working as a volunteer, and lending her voice as a member through her company PDK Cottages, LLC & Alton Excavation. She’s excited to lend her community organizing expertise to the role of Vice Chair in 2020.

Secretary – Donna Russell 

Donna has been active with the ABA for several years, representing TD Bank. She served as interim Secretary in 2019 and is excited to continue serving in that role to support the Association in the year to come.

Treasurer – Tamara Blier 

Tamara has worked with the ABA for several years, representing TD Bank. She brings her banking expertise to the Association. She’s dedicated to balancing the Association’s budget and working strategically to meet our 2020 financial goals.

Media Director – Aimee Terravechia 

Aimee served as interim Media Director in 2019 and helped promote events and marketing initiatives throughout the summer and fall. She joined as a member in spring of 2019, representing her company Catchpenny. She brings her marketing and journalism background to the role of Media Director and is excited to share the work that the Association has done and will continue to do throughout 2020.

Membership Director – Christy Painchaud 

Christy also won Chair Person for our 2020 Board. Throughout 2019 she’s increased membership significantly and hopes to further improve the Association’s membership in the year to come.

Fundraising Director – Joyce Murphy

Joyce has helped the ABA since 2019’s Winter Carnival. She’s been an active volunteer and supporter of the Association and has lent her energy and expertise to several events and initiatives while representing her business with her husband—George Murphy, LLC. She brings her background in fundraising to the Alton Business Association as our 2020 Fundraising Director.


A Special Thanks…

A special thanks to our 2019 Board of Directors. Although many of our Directors chose to run for reelection, others have opted to retire from the organization after years of dedication and commitment. We are especially thankful for their service to the community throughout the many years of work with the Association.  Thank you to Roger Sample, Chris Racine, and Carolyn Schaeffner.



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