Hello ABA Friends!

Well, the month of May has flown by for me!  This month, I officially packed away all the winter coats + hats (I hope for good) and busted out the shorts and t-shirts (bring it, sunshine)!  Psst.. did you know we have a specially designed “ALTON” t-shirt, this isn’t just any tee either, learn more + see how to purchase one below.

 Anddd… please tell me I’m not the only one keeping our local garden center, Sunflower Gardens, in business with all my Spring planting (if you haven’t checked them out yet, definitely go)!  I’m also a member of the Alton Garden Club (a local nonprofit in Alton that I highly recommend joining), and we’ve been busy beautifying all the town + bay gardens with plants, mulch & more! 

May is also a memorializing month for our country as we honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our country on
Memorial Day, May 30th.

During May there were a few other key appreciation days and weeks I’d like to recognize and not to go unnoticed. As all may not have a direct nexus to an ABA Member, but they are relevant to what keeps our country + community safe, educated and healthy!  

In May is Military Appreciation Month and Armed Forces Day, which was May 21, 2022, a day we pay tribute and honor those who are CURRENTLY serving in the Armed Forces.  Your patriotism to our country does not go unnoticed and we THANK YOU, especially those who reside in our community and strap on your boots every day! 

National Police Week, a week where we “honor, remembrance, and peer support, while allowing law enforcement, survivors, and citizens to gather and pay homage to those who gave their lives in the line of duty.” (Source www.policeweek.org) and May 15 as Peace Officers Memorial Day

Teacher Appreciation Week, which was May 1-7th.  As a parent it was so moving to see so many parents step up and provide a special week for our Alton School Educators. They were treated to breakfast, lunch and extra treats throughout the week!  A well-deserved gesture of gratitude, as a simple “thank you” doesn’t quite seem like enough!

And most importantly, May is Mental Health Awareness Month!
Please take the time to care for yourself and know it’s ok, to not be ok sometimes. Here is a link on where to find help and resources. Also be sure to check-in with loved ones and friends and encourage others to talk about their emotional and social well-being.      

In closing, please take a moment to pause and
Honor + Remember
those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to their
country and community
AND to those precious little lives lost in Uvalde, TX.  


🌺🌿🌺 May News from the ABA! (mailchi.mp)

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