ABA May Monthly Member Highlight:

NH Concussion Center

Every month we sit down with one of our amazing ABA members to get to know them a little better! For May, wespoke with Dr. Denise Pickowicz, owner of NH Concussion Center.  We ask each member the same questions, providing an opportunity for our members to highlight the important work that they do in our communities. If you’re an ABA Member and would like to be considered for future Monthly Member Highlights, please reach out to us via email at info@altonbusinessassociation.com

Q:  Tell us about your business?

A:  NH Concussion Center is the first of its kind in the State dedicated to providing exclusively brain-based chiropractic care and clinical neuroscience/functional neurology approaches to concussion and neurological rehab.

Q: Tell us about yourself:

A:  My name is Denise Pickowicz and I am a wife, mother, Chiropractor, Certified Brain Injury Specialist, and owner/founder of Functional Chiropractic Care of New England & NH Concussion Center. I found my passion and purpose in Chiropractic when at the age of 14 years, I finally found relief of my chronic childhood migraines and sinus infections. As it so happened, it was as a “last resort” when my parents took me to a chiropractor. The experience changed my life and after seeing every western medical professional under the sun up to that point, I finally had answers and understanding of how structure of the body can affect function and how this related to true health. I knew then and there I was destined to help others the way this doctor helped me. I spent my high school and college years working in every aspect of the medical system in physician offices and hospitals as an EMT, receptionist, medical records specialist, phlebotomist, Emergency Room Liaison – you name it- until I finally was able to attend and graduate from Chiropractic College. My educational history includes earning my Bachelors of Science degree in Health Sciences in 2003 From Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers, FL, and graduating with research honors from Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida in 2008 (and hence being inducted into the Chi Rho Theta Honor Society for work as a co-author in publishing an article on Orthopedic and Neurological Exam in the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine). I am Board Certified in Chiropractic as well as Physiotherapy, completed my post-doctorate diplomate program in Clinical Neurosciences/Functional Neurology through the world-renowned Carrick Institute in March 2019, and passed my Fellowship Board Exam in 2020 through the International Board of Functional Neurology which gives Functional Neurology Fellowship distinction and the ability to contribute research. Most recently, in January 2022, I obtained Certification as a “Brain Injury Specialist” through the Brain Injury Association of America. I was also nominated by Governor Sununu in 2020 to serve on the NH State Board of Chiropractic Examiners and have been serving proudly since.

Q:  How did your business get started?

A:  After graduating from Chiropractic College, I moved back to my home state of NH and worked for 2 different Chiropractors before deciding to open my own family practice out of my home in 2011. I was pregnant with my second child at the time, and wanted to be able to serve my community locally while also being home for my children. Over the years as my life evolved and changed, and I was personally influenced by a variety of incredible people that graced my office, my practice also evolved and changed. My passion for treating and supporting individuals with brain injury began 7 years ago when I had a 13-year old female basketball player present to my office with a mild traumatic brain injury. I was not well versed in brain injury at the time and when my normal Chiropractic treatments were not alleviating her headaches, dizziness and cognitive issues, I knew there was more I needed to learn. I felt helpless and heartbroken watching this “A+” student suddenly fail all her classes in a matter of months. Having young children at the time, and empathizing with her parents, I knew I needed to learn more. This set me on a post-doctorate educational journey and path working with incredible individuals with all types of neurological, brain, and spinal cord injuries, and each person and experience further fueled my passion to help. When I realized there were limited resources for this population of patients and no one focusing specifically on concussion and brain injury utilizing a functional neurology and brain-based Chiropractic approach, especially in the Lakes Region where I reside, it lead me to open NH Concussion Center.

Q:  What has your relationship with the Alton Business Association done for you or
your business?

A:  The Alton Business Association has been an incredible resource for me. Living just 8 minutes away in Gilmanton Iron Works, my family always tended to gravitate to Alton for dinner and entertainment and the events hosted by the Alton Business Association prior to relocating my practice to town. The ABA is the “go to” association to find out about local businesses and events on their webpage and Facebook sites and because of this, they were the first organization I thought about joining when my business moved to the area. Christy and Kelly of the ABA spent time reaching out and visiting my practice and made me feel incredibly welcomed into the community. Their willingness to set up a ribbon cutting ceremony for my business and advertise for that, as well as passing out my business information at ABA sponsored events and word of mouth promotion has been invaluable. I am extremely grateful and excited to be a part of this group.

Q:  What do you value most about this community?

A:  I feel the people are what I value most about the Alton community and the ABA. The willingness to put the effort into stopping by to introduce themselves, spread the word, and their genuine interest and support of my business has been mind blowing. The networking and events offered are creative, fun, and give business owners the chance to interact and support each other and foster the true sense of community.

Q: Why did you want to open your business in this community?

A:  As mentioned above, ever since my family moved to Gilmanton, we always have found ourselves gravitating towards Alton for dinner and shopping. The community is welcoming and offers a bit of everything for locals. The people are warm and there is an heir of genuine support and caring from them. From a business perspective, the area also had a hospital, other medical centers, an urgent care with lab and imaging capabilities, and other alternative health businesses nearby that could support my patients in the work I was doing.

Q: What business accomplishment are you most proud of?

A: I would have to say my biggest business accomplishment, which I cannot solely take credit for, is just being open for the last 11 years and the wonderful relationships formed and knowledge gained on this journey. I think back to opening my home practice in New Boston, NH and the juggling act as mom and business owner, and the wonderful people who stuck with me, supported and promoted me, guided me, and in many ways unknowingly educated and inspired me to learn more and be a better doctor because of with what they were going through when they presented to my office for care. I feel blessed and honored to have had the experiences I did and the opportunity to have met and cared for these patients. Furthermore, if it were not for these incredible people, who despite the pandemic and the evolution and relocation of my practice on a couple of occasions, still continue to drive from around NH and beyond following me to receive continued treatment, there is no way my practice would have survived or continued to thrive. This is the biggest compliment any business professional or provider could ask for and I know I wouldn’t be here if it were not for the individuals who continue to seek the services I provide.

I also would have to say as a provider, having the knowledge and clinical skills to properly assess and care for patients that gave symptom resolution and greater health is a huge win. I am proud to say that over the years I have performed thousands of spinal adjustments on people of all ages and helped with a variety of ailments, all through improving the function of their nervous system and allowing their bodies to work more optimally. Knowing that I had the opportunity to be part of their healthcare journey and effect positive change is something I will always be grateful for and not take for granted.  

Q: What does the future hold for you and your business?

A:  I am excited to help people who are experiencing persistent post-concussion symptoms (such as headaches, dizziness, balance or cognitive issues) from past slips & falls, recreational activities, or home injuries & accidents discover real solutions to restore the quality of their life. I plan to do this by delivering personalized, compassionate care through high-level clinical neuroscience applications, state-of-the-art technology, and a comprehensive chiropractic brain-based approach. I also look forward to being a leader and mentor in the concussion arena by providing education about brain injury and being a resource to our community with my business.

Q:  What is one piece of advice you wish you had as a new business member?

A:  I think rather than answer what piece of advice “do I wish I had”, I would like to answer the piece of advice that influenced me the most was “follow your passion” and “treat others how you want to be treated”. Although most people open businesses to “make money”, that cannot be your sole intent. I found money flows in when you focus on your purpose and the more you do what you love with the intention of making a difference in the world, I found the more you are provided for if you have that confidence and faith. Relationships are key and supporting those who support you, and those you believe in, makes the world go ’round. We cannot truly do anything on our own.

Q:  How can people who want to learn more about you or your business get in
touch with you?

A: If you are interested in learning more about my office, feel free to contact NH Concussion Center at 603-855-2031, email me at nhconcussioncenter@gmail.com, visit our website www.nhconcussioncenter.com, view our Facebook page, or follow me on Instagram at dr.denise.pickowicz.

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