March News

A few words from our ABA Chair, Christy Painchaud

Well (I think) SPRING has SPRUNG Altonians!  After all the rain this weekend those greens will be popping up soon (if you haven’t see them already)!  As we shift seasons I feel so many of us are eager to get out and about more, especially if some have been “extra cautious” with Covid and have been hibernating all Winter.  We’re all hopeful with vaccinations rising, that things will get back to “normal” (whatever that will look like).  As we’re all walking with a new SPRING in our step during these warmer sun shining days, I’d like to challenge you to SPRING into a LOCAL NEW BUSINESS or RESTAURANT you haven’t visited or hired before. Be sure to snap a picture and share it with us or tag us so we can share your support with our community!  So many of our small business owners have been treading water through the impact of Covid-19, so I’m confident they will embrace new customers with HUGE open arms!
Have a wonderful Spring season and be sure to plant something and watch it grow!…. Maybe it’ll be a new business in town or in our neighboring communities!  Together, we can do great things and THANK YOU for being a part of AND supporting the ABA mission!  ~Christy

Please WELCOME our newest March Members: 

Always In Season, LLC

NH Rockstar Gardens

As a way of giving back to the businesses who went above & beyond for the ABA over the past few years. The ABA Board of Directors voted to initiate an “ABA Honorary Membership”, which offers an annual free membership to selected business and nonprofit organizations.
This month the following businesses were selected:

ArborTech Tree Services, LLC
(ArborTech has graciously spent two full days of manhours hanging and taking down tree lights for our Town Light Up Night. Without their support the Town of Alton tree lighting would not be possible.)

 Sunflower Gardens
(For the past two years, Sunflower Gardens has generously donated hundreds of dollars in plants and pumpkins for our annual Harvest Happenings Event.  These plants and pumpkins are on display in the Fall at Monument Square, Town Hall and Railroad Park.)

Please view the links of our NEW MEMBERS and check out their businesses!  You never know when you can make a recommendation for a local business or service to someone, or better yet give them a call for your own needs!  
#belocal #buylocal #supportlocal
ABA Presents the “Alton Ice-Out Contest”! 
When do you think the official ice-out will happen?
Complete the ENTRY FORM HERE  to cast your guess!

*** HURRY,  because ALL entries must be received by March 31st! ***

Your entry must state your name, address, phone number, date and time what you believe the actual ice-out will be. Contest is open to all; only one entry per person. The entry with the exact or closest to the actual ice-out date will be the winner and receive an Alton Business Association Gift Basket full of items from our local community businesses. Ice-Out is defined as the moment when the M/S Mount Washington can reach each of its ports unobstructed by ice. Local residents who are considered experts in the art of ice watching, supplemented by observations from aircraft, pinpoints the official date and time of the Ice-Out.


Learn what we’re all about and JOIN US on
April 8th @ 5:30 pm for our ABA Monthly Member Meeting, featuring Guest Speaker, Jen Azzara from Maxfield Real Estate!  We’ll also have a special visitor, Joanne Haight, Business Development Manager, from Team of Lakes Media LLC to discuss a Collaborative Radio Campaign for Alton and surrounding area businesses!
While our Members are encouraged to attend, VISITORS are welcome too!

This month our member, Inspiration for Organization, offered some great advice on the importance of staying ORGANIZED in your business.

Well you may be quick to jump on the band wagon for Spring Organizing in your home, but do you do the same for your home office or business office???  For some this may be an elaborate space in an office building, a small store front with a nook for an office, a home office or for some it literally may be wherever your phone or computer is at any given moment!  We all have different organization systems and physical constraints we work within.  The important thing to examine is what works for you!  So, grab a pen and paper (maybe that goal journal) and let’s get to work on planning your office organization! Obviously, this looks different for everyone but here’s a few guidelines to get you going in the right direction:

  • Answer, why being Organizing is important to you? (Think about how being organized will make you feel.  An organized space=A productive mind!)
  • Set Goals, then Prioritize them! Write down your TOP THREE areas you want to work on.  (For example: email management, paper clutter, appointment calendar, filing system, etc.)
    • Once you write down your goals then list which is the most important.  This would be the one that enables your business to operate more smoothly (and profitable), not necessarily the easiest or quickest goal.) Start with ONE goal at a time!
  • Create an Action Plan! Is this goal going to be a weekend job or something you’ll do an hour a day for a week?  Literally mark your calendar for this organization time or IT WON’T HAPPEN if you just do it when you get the time (because we never have time)! Also schedule maintenance organizing time….it doesn’t maintain itself so stick to your guns and keep it up!
  • Set a budget, if you have a budget! Now this depends on what you’re doing.  If one of your goals is to organize your 3000-emails with email folders, you don’t need a budget, just a lot of time and the will power to hit “delete”.  If your goal involves a new filing system, storage items, product management, ordering or office décor then give yourself a budget and stick to it.  First, look for things around your office or home that you can repurpose first or buy yourself something NEW as a reward for getting organized.
  • If purging and clearing CLUTTER is on the list, then CREATE THREE PILES -Keep, Donate/Sell or Trash. Invest in good scanning software to eliminate paper documents you may need for your records.  If you create a donate pile, then take it to a donation center, don’t let it sit in a box in your office for six months.   
  • Incorporate décor with Organizing! These days you don’t need to buy cardboard boxes for storage (especially if they’re doing to be visible in a open space).  Treat yourself to  functional and decorative organizing products (don’t buy bright blue storage bins if you intend to store them where they are visible in your home office which may be in the corner of your dining room).  Aim for “pretty” functional! 
  • Incorporate co-workers and/or family members to join you, especially if it’s a shared space!
  • Management -Check in with yourself once a day or once a week to make sure you’re keeping it tidy.  Pretty soon it’ll become a habit!  Again, if you don’t schedule time for organizing, it won’t happen (kinda like going to the gym)! 
  • Continue to purchase products that simplify your life in staying organized (tax time file folders, receipt envelopes, excel spreadsheet for finances, QuickBooks, etc.)  Just don’t overdue it with five calendars that you don’t know which one to look it!
  • Communicate your organization systems to your staff or office mates, so everyone helps!  

For more Organizing & Décor Tips and Inspiration please like and follow Inspiration for Organization

READ MORE of our March Newsletter here! 


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