March News

A few words from our (outgoing) ABA Chair,
Christy Painchaud

Ok, I’m not going to lie, writing this last monthly message as the ABA Chair is a little bittersweet!  When I first learned of the ABA back in 2007, I knew it was an organization that would do great things for our community!  I observed from the sidelines for many years as I was hustling with my career in the military and traveling, while also managing a few side hustles and new babies too, so I wasn’t able to volunteer much back then.  But in January 2019, when I saw an ad that Winter Carnival was going to be cancelled if there wasn’t help to plan it… I showed up to help and well… never left!  

I served the past three years as the Chair of the Association, and it’s been a true honor to hold this responsibility and to be an advocate for all our local businesses, organizations and plan so many community events that have enabled our businesses + community to grow!  My goal was to radiate and recruit positive energy for the rest of our Board, ABA Members + Community!  Our membership has tripled over the past three years and has held steady with roughly the same membership renewal numbers each year.  I’m very proud of the success of our Board for maintaining this ongoing membership level, as that is the basis of our existence! 

All the “extra” community event initiatives I’ve been a part of creating are amazing community building events and I hope they will continue for years to come!  But please know, all these events require volunteers to plan + man, so PLEASE don’t be shy about helping out every now and then! 

As I lighten my responsibility role and step down as Chair, I still plan to stay on the ABA Board of Directors as the Membership Director and to ensure a smooth transition for our new Board Members!  I know I’m passing the torch to a true professional business owner who takes great pride in not only running a successful business but someone who emits the meaning of volunteerism by stepping up to the plate to carry our association forward!  It’s with great honor that I welcome the new ABA Chair, Catherine Geske, Co-Owner of L & R Cleaning Unlimited! Also stepping up with Catherine is Jen McCullough, ABA Secretary, of Island Realty a division of Maxfield Real Estate and Heather Dominick, ABA Media Director, of Graphic Design by HDominick.
Please give all of them a warm welcome! 

Myself and outgoing Board Members; Kelly Sullivan, Jen Azzara and all former ABA Board Members, have worked tirelessly to get the ABA where it is today and I’m positive our mission will be sustained to serve our local business members and community for years to come! 

I look forward to continuing to serve on the ABA Board of Directors as the Membership Director and hope to see you at a Member Meeting or Community Event soon! 




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