March News

A few words from our ABA Chair, Christy Painchaud

So… did anyone else get giddy over the pop up of a perennial in their garden?!  That happened to me last week, then I feel like my brain hit the emergency break when it started sleeting the next day, lol! Oh well.. it’s mother nature’s way of saying “I got this” and there’s nothing you can do but sit back and live each day to its’ fullest!….. So onward I go with warm happy thoughts of Spring weather ahead.   

I hosted a workshop recently for my personal business and one student commented about how nice it was to “get out and feel connected again”.  I guess I forget sometimes the benefit I gain by connecting + networking with others because it’s such an instrumental part of my personal and professional way of life. Granted, the responsibilities of serving as the ABA Chair put me in the position to go above and beyond, but I’d like to think I’d still do it even if I didn’t fulfill this volunteer role.  Sooo… with that said, this season I encourage you to step out of your hibernation routine and engage in a social activity or mission that aligns with your interests by connecting with others. Who knows… maybe I’ll see you at the next ABA member meeting to CONNECT!


Happy Spring



The Alton Business Association works to promote the commercial interests and welfare of Alton, New Hampshire and the surrounding area, by supporting new and existing businesses.  Working with community members and municipal representatives, we promote local economic development and enhanced quality of life for our residents, businesses and visitors.

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