July News

A few words from our ABA Chair, Christy Painchaud

Hello ABA Friends!

Is it me or has July flown by?! 
We have been so LUCKY to have such great weather lately that I’m losing track of time with all the chillin’ in the Summer Sun! 

Butttt you know, I’ve scheduled time aside with our dedicated Parade Committee Members to ensure our COMMUNITY has an unforgettable Alton Old Home Day Parade!  Representing the ABA, I also serve as a member on the Town of Alton Old Home Week Committee and have been a part of planning many events for our community to enjoy over the town week celebration, which kicks off on Friday, August 12th with a Town Block Party at B&M Railroad Park from 5-8 pm!There’s so much happening this Summer in our little town, and so many LOCAL business owners and organizations are working hard to serve you, so please BE LOCAL, BUY LOCAL + SUPPORT LOCAL!   

Our association is GROWING by the day so please be sure to check out our MEMBER DIRECTORY for all your needs + wants! 

Be sure to drink water and STAY HYDRATED in the heat
STAY COOL in one of our specially designed “ALTON” t-shirts!
Show your hometown pride, especially during

Alton Old Home Week
(Purchase your t-shirt here!)

Sending you sunshine, smiles & lots of boating miles!




The Alton Business Association works to promote the commercial interests and welfare of Alton, New Hampshire and the surrounding area, by supporting new and existing businesses.  Working with community members and municipal representatives, we promote local economic development and enhanced quality of life for our residents, businesses and visitors.

Alton Business Association

PO Box 1641
Alton, NH 03809

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