ABA February Member Highlight:

Every month we sit down with one of our amazing ABA members to get to know them a little better! For February, we spoke with Catherine Geske, Co-Owner of L&R Cleaning Unlimited. We ask each member the same questions, providing an opportunity for our members to highlight the important work that they do in our communities. If you’re an ABA Member and would like to be considered for future Monthly Member Highlights, please reach out to us via email at info@altonbusinessassociation.com

Q:  Tell us about your business?

A:  Cleaning business offering a little of everything! Located in Gilford right next to Meadowbrook. Service all of the Lakes Region and are looking to expand even further location wise.

Q: Tell us about yourself:

A:  Mom to three kids 5 and under. L&R is a small family and veteran owned and operated business. Live in Alton Bay. We love to be outside when we can and are looking to be more involved in the community.

Q:  How did your business get started?

A:  We bought 2 years ago now from the former owner who was in business since the 80’s. Have been cleaning on my own for a while and was looking into starting up my own LLC for it when I saw the business for sale and the rest is history!

Q:  What has your relationship with the Alton Business Association done for you or
your business?

A:  I have made wonderful connections and have had customers come to me saying we were recommended from other local business owners. Word of mouth is everything when it comes to small businesses!

Q:  What do you value most about this community?

A:  The small town feel and having amazing connections.

Q: Why did you want to open your business in this community?

A:  Close to home and we love this area!

Q: What business accomplishment are you most proud of?

A: That I can show my kids that hard work pays off and we can work as a family. Also, the former owner had only two employees work in the winter and then worked everyone hard in the summer. We came in and wanted to stay busy year-round, which this year we have finally!

Q: What does the future hold for you and your business?

A:  Looking to expand! Add a second location eventually, unsure of where as of yet. We also want more commercial contracts for our evening crew

Q:  What is one piece of advice you wish you had as a new business member?

A: Don’t be scared to get out of your comfort zone! It pays off!

Q:  How can people who want to learn more about you or your business get in
touch with you?

A: Please call us at 603-528-0463 or send us an email at clean@lrcleaningunlimited.com.

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