ABA December Monthly Member Highlight:  ALTON COUNTRY STORE



Every month we sit down with one of our amazing ABA members to get to know them a little better! For December, we spoke with Rachel Hall, Owner of Alton Country Store. We ask each member the same questions, providing an opportunity for our members to highlight the important work that they do in our communities. If you’re an ABA Member and would like to be considered for future Monthly Member Highlights, please reach out to us via email at info@altonbusinessassociation.com

Q:  Tell us about your business?

A:  In June of 2019, we decided to open our country store in our home town after realizing that our dreams of opening a country store to compliment our Rustic Home Décor business, Alton Bay Accents, just might be a great compliment to our town. Fast forward a year and we now have several local artisans and vendors. Our store has just about everything you could want. From gift ideas, baked goods, home décor, candy, stained glass, jewelry, art, maple syrup products, coffee, apparel, custom glassware, souvenirs and more. . Thanks to the support of our local community, we also were given the opportunity to open a pop-up shop at the Tanger outlet mall in fall of 2020 (The Country Store), which has now grown into a permanent spot there, and also and additional Store at Tanger Outlet in Rehoboth Beach, DE. Bob and I also started Xtreme 603 Apparel in order to better serve our customers with an array of awesome local apparel designs. With over 70+ different apparel designs to offer in house, and the ability to make customer apparel, we have the largest selection of Hoodies, T-shirts, Tank Tops and Leggings around, from size X-Small to 4XL. The Alton Country Store is a must visit Central New Hampshire destination. We hope that you will stop by for a visit.

Q: Tell us about yourself:

A:  I am a 27-year resident of Alton, NH, having moved here when I was 14 years old. I also have a 12-year-old son named Colby who is frequently seen helping out at the store.

Q:  What has your relationship with the Alton Business Association done for you or
your business?

A:  Allows us to network with other local businesses

Q:  What do you value most about this community?

A:  I love the small town feel and charm of our local community… there is nothing better. When someone is in need, our entire community rallies together. And my favorite day of the year as watching all of the kids on the street on Halloween night.

Q: Why did you want to open your business in this community?

A:  For 25+ years, I have wanted to own my own business, and it was such a great feeling to be able to work with so many talented local vendors and artisans.

Q: What business accomplishment are you most proud of?

A:  During the pandemic, I felt responsible to figure out a way to be able to help support the over 90+ local vendors in artisans in our store while we were mandated to be closed. While I am far from being tech savvy, I worked many hours each night to design a website – AltonCountryStore.com. We also offered free local contactless delivery. It was a wonderful feeling to be able to write out 90+ checks to our vendors each month that we were closed because of our website and the support of our community!

Q: What does the future hold for you and your business?

A:  We look forward to continuing to expand our business model in different markets and also expand our Xtreme 603 apparel business to now include embroidery and custom designs to all. We also plan on closing our Alton store this year from Christmas day to sometime in early May, so that we can completely remodel the store and offer so many more fun and exciting things for next summer.

Q:  What is one piece of advice you wish you had as a new business owner?

A:  People are always willing to teach you something you don’t know, if you just ask! Don’t be afraid to ask for advice. There is a lot you can learn.

Q:  How can people who want to learn more about you or your business get in
touch with you?

A: They can reach out to us anytime at altoncountrystore@yahoo.com


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