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15 Mount Major Highway, Alton, New Hampshire 03810

Fast Food and Ice Cream!  We start the day with breakfast to go, then move to lunch around 11:00 AM.  We serve lobster rolls and all your fried seafood, burges, hot dogs, chicken fingers, BLTs, salads, subs and a whole lot more.  Between hard and soft ice cream we have about 80 different flavors with all the toppings.  And don’t forget frappes, sundaes, flurries and it just keeps going!

We open every year mid April and shut down for the season about the third week in October.  Our hour are breakfast starting at 7:00 AM and switch to lunch at 11:00 AM and go to about 7:00 PM until the end of May.  At that time we will extend our ours to closing at 10:00 PM.

The Alton Business Association works to promote the commercial interests and welfare of Alton, New Hampshire and the surrounding area, by supporting new and existing businesses.  Working with community members and municipal representatives, we promote local economic development and enhanced quality of life for our residents, businesses and visitors.

Alton Business Association

PO Box 1641
Alton, NH 03809

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