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A family restaurant serving breakfast and lunch in Alton, New Hampshire!


No machines, no shortcuts, all hand pressed.

The most important ingredient of one of our favorite meals, the burger itself. We use 80/20 beef which has been ground, to a fine grind, and then hand pressed into patties. Cooked on a char broiler for those signature grill marks and that little bit of char that taste so good.

We then add your choice of cheese while still on the grill. Letting the cheese melt to form on the burger, adding a crisp to the edges. Topping it off with lettuce, tomato, your choice of condiments and sandwiching it between a delicious potato bun.

Check out our breakfast sandwiches.

We always make our breakfast sandwiches fresh. Beginning with your choice of meat, either an all natural sausage patty or 1/2” thick bacon, a fried egg, cheddar cheese melted on the egg and some delicious uncured bacon jam on top. All held together with either an aged cheddar and onion bialy bun or an Italian doughnut bomboloni bun.

We have an air purifier!

Now a days everyone has to take extra precautions with the coronavirus virus going around. Things are getting better luckily with vaccines going out and better measures being taken. While masks are still needed inside of our location, we have an Aeris air purifier to help lessen the spread of coronavirus and other bacteria. This air purifier uses a HEPA 13 medical grade filter which removes a minimum of 99.95% of bacteria, effective to 0.1 microns. It kills captured coronavirus, among other viruses and bacteria. Particles, dust, odor, pollen, among other things are also removed from the air with this filter. While this is not a perfect solution, we do believe this filter should help tremendously!

Gluten free and meatless options available!

We understand not everyone can eat anything they want to. We try to do our best to have options for anyone that decides to give us a try. In the picture to the right we have our meatless sausage (made from plant protein) with cheese, and a fried egg, held together with one of our gluten free buns and a side of home fries. We have other options as well including meatless chicken (made from plant protein), turkey sausage, gluten free brownies, bagels, and bread. We also make sure to prepare and cook any allergen food entirely separate from our standard food items to avoid cross contamination.

The Alton Business Association works to promote the commercial interests and welfare of Alton, New Hampshire and the surrounding area, by supporting new and existing businesses.  Working with community members and municipal representatives, we promote local economic development and enhanced quality of life for our residents, businesses and visitors.

Alton Business Association

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