“My Arbonne Why and I Story”

Christy Painchaud – Independent Consultant

Why Arbonne? Simply because I fell in love with the fizzy stick and all the energy behind the women promoting it! First, understand that I’m a non-coffee drinker and I’m a stay at home mama with two little boys, four and six! Soooo this mama needs (healthy) energy anywhere I can get it!

My journey in motherhood has been the hardest yet most rewarding experience of my entire life…. With that said, I need all the energy I can get because having time alone to rely on other things (like working out, yoga or meditation) isn’t always in the cards on a daily basis! But my Energy Fizz Stick is! I seriously just love waking up and having a quick moment to enjoy it (even if the moment is only 60 seconds long without screaming children).

I’m beyond grateful that my family situation has granted me the financial opportunity to not have to work full-time after my second child was born. I’m 43, so my husband and I had children late in game, but by choice. In my younger years; I traveled, completed graduate school, had many different career experiences that varied from serving my county in the military for over 20 years as a federal agent, civilian background investigator, to working as a child abuse investigator with children services and managed side hustles to build the path of entrepreneurship. I have a passion for helping others and started a small business 10 years ago as a professional organizer, Inspiration for Organization. It was mildly a hobby that was pushed to the back burner during military mobilizations and raising babies. Recently, I have rekindled this business and have ignited new ones (one being Arbonne), all with a common goal; to help inspire and empower others.
Now, that my children are a little older (by older I mean my little guy can go to preschool four days a week), I’m able to follow my dreams in the world of entrepreneurship on so many different levels and share my inspirations with others! The Arbonne family and product line align with everything I believe in, that is choosing healthy products and a lifestyle of surrounding yourself with others who lift you up and embracing the simples joys in life!

Email me to learn more about the Healthy Lifestyle Arbonne products & how to become a part of this amazing tribe of inspired souls!

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